Our Team...

"We're all working together - that's the secret",  Sam Walton (Walmart Founder)

Magic Kingdom has higher ratios of teacher / child than the minimum Ministry of Education requirements. This is to ensure the highest focus and attention are given to your child’s safety, immediate needs, learning observations and professionally written learning stories.




     Ministry of Education standard Magic Kingdom Childcare
Under 2               1 teacher : 5 children

            1 teacher : 4 children

Over 2               1 teacher : 10 children             1 teacher : 8 children

Our team has excellent teaching expertise, qualifications, experience, and ongoing professional development support for continuous improvement. Together they make up a well balanced, energetic and passionate team with a team philosophy that reflects a genuine commitment to bring out the best in your child's learning and development.

Magic Kingdom has also committed to ongoing professional development for ALL of its teachers in a "rising tide lifts all boats" philosophy. Professional development is focussed on coaching each teacher along their individual journey of the Registered Teacher Criteria. This in turn directly supports Magic Kingdom's continuous improvement philosophy to always better our provision and outcomes for children, parents and the community.