Our Core Philosophies, Values, Vision and Mission...

Our Core Philosophies

  • "Magic Kingdom is a truely magical place of learning, where care is first and foremost, followed by learning that is calm and unhurried yet filled with discovery, imagination, and fun".
  • "Our children are being prepared to learn throughout life – to open endless opportunities and continually create, innovate, change and improve".
  • "We work in close partnership with parents and whanau in a consistent and warm learning environment to support, strengthen and successfully achieve first milestones in life".
  • "We are preparing children to be our future guardians of a sustainable world with respect to and guidance from our bicultural heritage and multicultural society".

Our Core Values

“Respect for children, caregivers, and colleagues”
“Openness with one another”
“Empowerment of others”
“Believing in yourself”
“Integrity in all we do”


Our Vision

“Te hiki ngākau, me te whakapiki mātauranga mo ngā tāngata katoa o Aotearoa.

Lift aspiration, raise educational achievement for every New Zealander.”


Our Mission

QUALITY: “To exemplify the ‘gold standard’ in care and high quality early childcare education”

LEARNING: “To provide positive and memorable learning experiences for each child and family”

VALUE: “To deliver highest value outcomes to our key stakeholders (i.e. children, parents, employees, communities)”


TEACHING: “To foster innovative and new ways to support, strengthen, and successfully deliver core teaching curricula and first lessons in life”.